Planning for Retirement

Planning for Early Retirement
Client Profile:
Married couple in their 50s who want to retire early. Early retirement is an appealing idea to many, but if it is going to be a reality, one must plan carefully. Moreover, retirement comes with not only financial, but emotional concerns. We address the full picture of retirement—at any age—to help ensure our clients can truly enjoy that time.

Action Plan: We met with the couple multiple times to learn about their specific goals in retirement and to gain insight into their finances.

  • We reviewed their financial situation through our diligent retirement analysis process and walked the clients through their specific options and likely outcomes.
  • We learned that the couple could retire comfortably, but that they were not ready emotionally.
  • In order to prepare for their eventual retirement at a time when the couple felt ready to make that change, we repositioned their assets in a way that matched their goals and risk tolerance.
  • We continue to monitor the investments and make any necessary tactical changes, while also assessing retirement feasibility on an ongoing basis in our regular meetings and discussions.

Planning for Retirement While Pursuing Life “Dreams.”
Client Profile:
Female in her early 60s looking to ensure that she’s on track to retire in two to five years. Retirement may mean a true end of “work” or could be a time to pursue a passion, travel, spend time with family, or take the time to do any number of things you’ve dreamed of. It comes with financial and emotional concerns, and we understand both. Often, retirement is the idea that brings a client to our door, though it’s rare the story ends there, as we uncover additional goals and planning needs. We’re proud to have helped countless individuals and couples pursue their ideal retirement.

Action Plan: We analyzed our client’s savings, which included employer-sponsored retirement plans and multiple investment accounts.

  • Once we determined that the assets were adequate to retire, we discussed her overall financial plan to assess whether or not she could pursue her passion: to buy her dream vacation home.
  • We educated her on the possible impact of different decisions and circumstances, such as lifestyle changes, stock market performance, and health issues.
  • We helped her reposition some of her assets such that they’d potentially produce more future income to keep pace with her dream retirement.
  • We relied on our cash flow and asset projection tools to effectively estimate if our client could retire and buy her dream home, while maintaining her lifestyle.
  • We found out that our client could purchase the home, and we continue to monitor her investments and financial plan while in retirement. 

Planning for Future Legacy
Client Profile:
High net-worth, divorced, with two children, focused on future stability and protecting his legacy. Along with planning for retirement, many want to ensure that their most precious assets—their children and other beneficiaries—are taken care of after they pass. We discussed many strategies that allowed our clients to gift to their children and/or charities, without compromising their current lifestyle.

Action Plan: We analyzed our client’s current assets and plan for retirement to gain insight into his finances through our cash flow and asset projection tools. This allowed us to go through a number of options and likely gifting outcomes.

  • We researched and implemented a complete financial plan that accounts for personal and family goals and considered multiple scenarios, increasing the potential likelihood of goal achievement.
  • We also reviewed income strategies for today and for the future, as our client pursued an ideal retirement.
  • We developed a properly diversified investment strategy that addresses goals while respecting risk tolerance, providing protection during market downturns.

We also presented:

  • Risk management and insurance strategies that seek to provide for loved ones should an income earner become disabled, pass away, or require long-term medical care
  • Trust solutions and other tools to assist in dividing assets appropriately among family members
  • Strategies for planning for children's higher education and other opportunities


The preceding is a hypothetical case study and is for illustrative purposes only. Actual performance and results will vary. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This study does not represent actual clients. Any resemblance to actual people or situations is purely coincidental. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets, and diversification cannot guarantee that any objective or goal will be achieved.